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  • Deviprasad C Rao

Beyond the visible

History of origin of abstract art goes back to creative expression derived out of spiritual consciousness of an artist. There are widespread informative as well as cruel debate on this form of art by artists and art critics, for it and against it. The majoritarian artists, art elitists and art followers who are deeply believe in subjective art are brutally dismissive and against the recognition and respect for art created out of a spiritual awareness of an artist. From the other hand the minority of artists and followers of objective art are of the opinion that the abstract art or modern art what we see today are the cause of spiritual awaking of human consciousness and considered meditative art or spiritual art or automatic drawing.

I am an artist, born out of spiritual awakening in me. It is rare that I meet or come across with whom I can relate to the kind of creations that I create. Mostly, I meet artists who are subjectively influenced or artist merely pouring their thoughts on the paper or canvas. However, I did meet several of artist who are meditative and spiritual in their approach to their creations who thrilled my heart with their creations as well as with their simple presence around me. One of them is this young, beautiful and talented artist from Germany, whom never met in person, but encountered on Instagram during peak of Covid pandemic times, called Sabrina Pohl.

What attracted me to her work is the impactful invitation to dive into the work and find the silence within. Those subtle deep layers of color tones, soothing textures, elegant and meandering lines, feminine forms, rebellious visual impacts and importantly opening the journey to infinity and unknown.

Sabrina creates her works from the state of curiosity that is rooted in the world around her. She intuitively understands the matter beyond human defined perceptions. She sees her own inner imageries of every subject matter that she experiences, that is beyond the visible. That very inner visions that she experiences which is beyond the visible, she, later, expresses with her own visual language. The language that is meaningful to her, may be invitations to others or may be opening to many more to see their own inner visions and relate with her creations.

When I asked her what inspires her to the kind of creations that she creates, she said, “I'm interested in natural, simple things. Like a walk in the forest or a sunset in the evening. By simple things, I mean an attempt to get as close as possible to truth. And for me, truth lies within matter; I don't just want to represent its shell, I mean, its appearance.” Yes, simple, and natural things are her inspirations. That is the drive of an artist who is seeing things beyond the visible or spiritual.

Sabrina loves working with paper, crayons, and chalks. She prefers dry mediums such as crayons or graphite, which are very easy to smudge by hand on the paper to create and build layers upon layers which is crucial to her each creation. She applies layer upon layer, by adding and taking away. In the process, her foreground becomes the background again and again. Later she lets intuitive self to guide her to create the forms to complete an artwork.

Sabrina’s works and their looks are simple and beautiful. It appears and gives the impression that how easy it must have been to create. On the contrary it was always enormous challenge for an abstract artist to transform the inner vision into a visible creation. Sometimes it is easy to express like drinking water, but most of the time it is the war within to penetrate and pass through all conditioned, preconceived notions. At the end she successfully completes works to her satisfaction after going through the self-exploration of creative dimensions within.

‘Beyond the visible’, an online exhibition at official website of Devamitra – The Artists Collective is Sabrina’s 21 selected artwork of last few years that are created during her traveling and living in different cities and countries. They are her visions of her inner self of her day-to-day experiences that influenced her personal self, life and the world around her. The exhibition will be online till 8th April, 2023.

- Deviprasad C Rao

(Artist / Curator / Writer)

(Copyright 2023, Deviprasad C Rao. Author is an Artist, Curator, Writer & Artist Facilitator. Founder of Devamitra Artists Collective based in Zurich, Switzerland. He can be reached through his website

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