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‘Nurturing’ is a duet online painting exhibition hosted by Devamitra Artists Collective is a result of loving and nurturing companionship between two artists from Duisburg, Germany – Marco Morosin and Magdalena Czernecka. 


Marco was native of Duisburg, born in 1972. He always lived and worked there ever since. He was inspired to draw at a very early age by his father and began training as a stone sculptor in 1995. Later, he studied object design and developed his artistic skills in both areas. 


Magdalena was born in Krakow, Poland in 1977. In 1988 she moved with her parents to Germany. After her normal education she ventured into study art. Initially she studied Art Therapy at the University of Cologne. And then Communication Design at the University of Duisburg-Essen (since 2008 Folkwang Hochschule) with focus on graphic design under Prof. Manfred Vogel.  Later she studied Communication Design at the University of Duisburg-Essen. As her further study she also studied "three-dimensional design and sculpture" with Prof. Rolf Lieberknecht and "experimental design and painting" with Prof. Jörg Eberhard.


Few years ago, Marco and Magdalena’s paths crossed as artist colleagues of a group exhibition in Duisburg. Since then, love bloomed in their heart for each other, and they have been companions through thick and thin of their life ever since. This abstract painting exhibition is a representation of their togetherness as well as creative nurturing. 


Marco’s every creative output is, always, perceived in three-dimensional sculptures with his two-dimensional drawings as its precursor. Abstraction dominates his every piece of art work. He always tries to discover his new forms with drawings and then dream of transforming them into sculptures new forms. 


The ink on paper works presented in this exhibition by is his new series titled 'Energised Flowers' which has to be understood as drawing for sculptors. However, these drawings/paintings has got an independent identity to them irrespective of it can be or cannot be transformed into three-dimensional piece of work.​


“My intention was to make visible the positive energy that has been influencing me for some time. This energy, this effervescence is supposed to let whimsical flower-like formations grow in my surroundings - energized flowers. The colouring is deliberately reduced to strengthen the expression and not to distract from the essential. Finally, a third colour (red) is to be found, which seems to bring the last "plant" to bursting point, because this series ends with this work - something new must arise!,” describes Marco about his new work. 

From other hand Magdalena’s artistic works are created to be realized in both in the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional realms. Her abstract works presented in this exhibition depict various polarities such as movement, stillness, space, form, matter or mass. Predominantly Magdalena uses ink, graphite and grease crayon, as well as pen and other often unusual drawing utensils to create her drawings as well as structural designs. 

“The experimental language of colour and form in the composition of the graphics is characterised by an intuitive, gestural character and a subjective feeling. Following the basis of informal, my working method follows the same principle, but the work result is flooded with contemporary thoughts and ideas,” says Magdalena about her works. 


"The unification of different ambivalences, the abstract and the representational in a final form, accompanied by the striving for simplicity, for the original form, thereby determines my working process,” she adds.

The exhibition with be available online until 9th January 2023. 

- by Deviprasad Rao
        (Artist / Writer)

The Online Gallery

2022 Copyright Magdalena Czernecka & Marco Morosin.  They reservers the copyright to all the content published in this page including images of paintings. Any unsolicitaed use of full or part of content or images are strictly prohibited 

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