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Marlies Achermann was born in 1951 in Feldkirch, Austria. After her marriage in 1975 she has been living in Switzerland. Marlies completed her 8 semesters of further education at the HGKZ in Zurich. She also learnt process-oriented painting, ways to the design with E.Churcher and textile material experiments with R.Wyss.Between 2009 - 2018 she did intensive exploration of various printmaking techniques at Augsburg Academy of Art with Rainer Kaiser, in Germany. Since 2003 she has been working at her own studio in Bonstetten of Kanton Zurich, in Switzerland. 


Artist‘s Statement: 


The old technique of painting on glass serves me as a source of inspiration for both expressive, as well as experimental work, on image-carrier glass.  The transparency of the material allows for great creative freedom, where I attempt to set the art form free from its vernacular entrapment and develop it along with contemporary times. 


Photos are firstly alienated and then fused onto paper or glass by a frottage method. The use and combination of acrylic colours, fonts, paper, wax, and graphical elements, gives way to new possibilities of playing with colour and shape. The brilliance of the surface creates a wonderful and playful reflex. 


It is an exciting field of experimentation with wonderful surprises, which I like to pass on to the beholder of my pictures.  The elements become obscure, layer-by-layer, where the combination of words, paper, colours, and frottage, superimpose and complement each other. The breakup of the multiple layers reveal the hidden secrets, dispelling the chaos, and forming harmony. 


(Please click on any painting to see the full image)

2021 Copyright Marlies Achermann.  Marlies Achermann reserver the copyright to all the content published in this page including images of paintings. Any unsolicitaed use of full or part of content or images are strictly prohibited 

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