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When we think of a journey generally, we relate with journey from one place to another place or one experience to another experience or one time to another time. We also consider life is a journey. However, this all journey we related with are just exterior or outer journeys. But there is an important journey that is very few dares to or capable of is journey within, in simple words - Inner Journey. Many treat it as spiritual journey. In fact, it is a journey of self-exploration, self-study, self-realization and self-awareness to connect with one’s own deepest core to discover inner potentials and live in the solitude of a life filled with creative possibilities. 


One of such a rare person whom I recently came to across is a Spain born, Swiss resident, self-taught artist Almudena Pintado. Devamitra – The Artist Collective is pleased to host her online painting exhibition titled INNER JOURNEY, in respect of her self- discoveries, exclusively on our official website


When Almudena was young, she always desired to devote her life to everything that is relates with creativity. Initially, she was attracted by the world of fashion. So, she educated herself as a stylist at a design school in Spain. In absence of social networks and social media during that time shaping a career in fashion industry was very tedious. Therefore, later she continued her education as an architectural designer. It was an alternative that ensured her a job and regular income. After following and practicing this career path for several years she always had a certain desire to follow the path of artistic creations. It was in 2004, at the age of 34, Almudena decided to take a plunge into becoming an artist, and she became a painter. Same year she had first exhibition to her credit. Since then, she never looked back or stopped painting, exhibiting, or being connected to the field art.


On her path as an artist Almudena discovered her own distinctive, qualitatively of a very high standard and aesthetically marveling visual language of her own. It’s something that happened gradually and, in several phases, or stages of life that eventually marked her life and nurtured her own artistic style. 


In recent years she experienced most important and great spiritual changes in her life that is presently guiding her new body of works. Today her works are less thought driven but more intuitive, less cautious but more decisive, bolder, and even evocative. These changes could have been only possible as her process of creation is purely based on her experiences of inner journey and perpetual connection to her deepest core. This very journey is helping her to elevate to the state of creation where she can find her own visual language alive, free and flows naturally and effortlessly. These all traits are concealed in her body of works that are presently being exhibited at


According to Almudena her greatest source of inspiration derived out of encountering self, especially being in the solitude and state of contemplation. “When we stop and look, we discover the mystery of the reality that surrounds us. Science helped us understand a lot of things, but there are limits, and that’s where the mystery begins. And this is this shock which, personally, brought me such a discovery, serves me to remove any banal and harmless aspect of our life and go towards the densest of life and creation,” says Almudena about her spiritually driven artistic journey. 


From other hand Almudena was also inspired by few great contemporary Spanish painters such as Luis Feíto, Eduardo Millares and Antoni Tapies. Witnessing their works lead her to find her own inner master. As an artistic process of creation, she brings structure, space and feelings to each work. She also creates strong forms with dark colors and create tension with other lighter toned forms that would provide the feeling of going beyond the unlimitedness. In finality her compositions offer infinite creative possibilities and characters that one could simply sit, watch, and meditate with as each work was created in a meditative state.  


“My works are what I feel, what I think, what I desire, what touches me, what makes me smile, what makes me sad. They are the inner strength, but also the weakness and the fragility. They are the mother, the daughter, the woman and the artist. They are everything, everything that I have been through and still I continue to be,” describes Almudena of her journey. 


Almudena is an artist who doesn’t live in future instead here and now. Art is enriching her, and she enjoys it every moment. So, she ends up asking why she needs to jump into the future when all is well and being provided in this very moment.


- Deviprasad C Rao

Artist, Curator & Writer

Solo Exhibitions

2004 - Centre Culturel Soledad González. Benavente. Spain Laboratorio Municipal. Zamora. Spain

2006 - Casa Real Pascual. Santa María de la Vega. Spain

2009 - COMPOSICIONES. Sala Ermitaño Benavente. Spain

2010 - Sala Aires. Cordoba. Spain

2021 - SpazioArrivaBene2. Mantoue. Italie

Group Exhibitions

2007 - PROYECTO ARTÍSTICO SEIS. Foire d’Art Eutopía 07. Córdoba. Spain| Centre CULTUREL. Camarzana de Tera. Spain | Sala Aires. Córdoba. Spain | GALERIE Porta Nova. Ferrol. Spain

2008 - Centre Culturel Diego de Losada. Río Negro del Puente. Spain | Galerie La Terraz. Huila/La Colombia

2009 - Galerie Global Art. Barcelone. Spain | FAIM. Madrid. Spain | Museum of The Americas. Miami. USA

2010 - Sala AIRES. Córdoba. Espagne | Sala AIRES. Cordoba. Espagne | Musée Sempere. Buenos Aires. Argentine  | Galerie PERSPOLIS. Leon. Spain | Institut de Culture. Tijuana. México | Mexican Cnsulate. California, USA

2011 - Salon 2011 du Carrousel du Louvre. SNBA (Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts). Paris. France

2012 - Galerie Sabrina Falzone. Milan. Italy | Galerie Brenart. Bruxelles. Belgium

2013 - Honours guest exhibition to the artist Francisco Arroyo Ceballos. Cordoba. Spain | Salon d’Art Contemporain «Art Shopping du Louvre». Paris. France

2014 - Art ColletIran Musée Qasr. Tehéran. Iran

2015 - Espace Art. Bienne. Switzerland

2016 - Galerie Tentation. Bienne. Switzerland

2017 - Galerie Peripherie art. Berne. Switzlerand | Galerie Tentation. Bienne. Switzerland

2019 - Dispo space Bienne. Switzerland


2007 - HONOURABLE MENTION. ANAP (Academie Nationale des Arts plastiques du Brésil). Brazil

2008 - HONOURABLE MENTION. ConectArte Edition. Cordoba - Spain

1ST PRIZE. VI Concours Internacionale des Arts. Aires de Córdoba - Spain

FINALIST. XXIII Premio Hispanoamericano de Pintura Diego de Losada. Spain

2009 - HONOURABLE MENTION. La ciudad de Huila - Colombia

2ND PRIZE. ConectArte Edition. Cordoba - Spain

2011 - PAINTING SPECIAL PRIZE. Artexpresión. Miami - USA

2012 - PAINTING SPECIAL PRIZE. Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Paris - France

BRONZE MEDAL. Société Académique d’ Arts-Sciences-Lettres. Paris - France

Prices of the paintings are available on request.

If you are interested in purchasing the painting/s you may directly contact Almudena Pintado by email

2021 Copyright Almudena Pintado.  They reserver the copyright to all the content published in this page including images of paintings. Any unsolicitaed use of full or part of content or images are strictly prohibited 

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