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An abstract painting exhibition of two artists from Duisburg, Germany depicting their nurturing companionship, their creative drive and journey as artists.

10 OCT 2022 >> 9 MAR 2023

Marco Morosin  &
Magdalena Czernecka

Hatching Eggs No.3 (Image 2).jpg
The Essentials

Periclis Frementitis is an electrical engineer who quit being so and followed his inner calling, reinvented himself as a designer working in a diverse range of contemporary art and design disciplines, from lighting to furniture and sculptural objects.

8 AUG 2022 >> 7 NOV 2022

Periclis Fermentitis

Adaptacja .jpg

Tomasz Tobolewski is a husband, father, lecturer and artist. He rather like to be called ‘Creator’ instead of ‘artist’ due to devaluation of the word ‘artist’.

4 JUN 2022 >> 31 OCT 2022

Tomasz Tobolewski

Industrial Fragments

A self curated exhibition by curator of showcasing mould filled mount of machine parts into colourful visual world - a multi-layered structure filled with filigree abstract forms and minute structures.

18 FEB >> 10 APR 2022

Deviprasad C Rao

29. Territorien XVI, Acryl-Leinwand, 155x135cm, 2013.jpg

Two souls and one canvas. An exhibition depicting two artists who studied art together, fell in love and married. Later they started painting on one canvas together and it is 30 years on.

1 NOV 2021 >> 28 FEB 2022

Petra Dreier &
Michael Hanousek

Inner Journey

An abstract painting exhibition depicting inner journey of the artist that lead to self realisation and the beauty and potential that lies within.

10 DEC 20221 >> 31 MAR 2022

Almudena Pintado

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