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Christophe Terraz is an artist and owner of most happening art gallery in Greater Zurich called Valley Art located in Kemptthal. He was born in 1973 in Affoltern am Albis district of canton Zurich, Switzerland. 


He was inclined to creating art since his childhood. However, he first did his apprenticeship as a draftsman, then preliminary course at the School for Design in Zurich. Afterwards he took vocational training for part-time working possibilities. He was also qualified and worked as Psychiatric nurse, socio-cultural animator and workshop manager. 


However, artist in Christophe was born and developed in a very organic way. Since 2011 he turned as professional and full-time artist. He began his artistic journey as Comic book artist and now progressed as painter with mastery in various mediums, especially he enjoys using Oil paint on canvas for his creations. 


His first inspiration for his artistic journey came from his grandfather who always appreciated his talent. In his artistic creations mostly, Christophe tries to captur energies, putting them into form and color and then arranging and developing them further. Interestingly, his own life, the Way of St. James, his family, children and the nature constantly provide him needed inspirations to nurture new ideas to new creations.


His vision of creation is simple - Reduce imagery, bring a lot of energy and joy to the canvas.


  • Two-color, with Ruth Terraz (21.2. - 12.4.2020)

  • Art exhibition at Nova.Theater, Pfäffikon ZH (07.11. - 28.12.2019)

  • Local art, group exhibition (25. - 27.10.2019)

  • Brushstroke and sawdust, exhibition with wood artist Simon Bühler from HittnauGalerie Kemptnertobel, Wetzikon ZH (22.9. - 7.10.2018)

  • Kunst im Gemeindehaus Hittnau, solo exhibition (2.5. - 19.7.2014)

  • Kunst Hand Werk, group exhibition, Hittnau (21.9.-22.9.2013)

  • Reception, solo exhibition, Gallery Kemptnertobel,Wetzikon ZH (3.5.-18.5.2013)

  • Die Tagesschau, group exhibition, Kunst Zürcher Oberland, Aathal (19.11.-20.11.2011)

  • 7 Angels, solo exhibition, Art Gallery Body and Soul, Birmensdorf ZH (2002)

  • Young art from the Knonaueramt, group exhibition, Brunmatt, Obfelden (1996)

  • Ämtler Künstler, Art from the Knonaueramt, group exhibition, Aula, Affoltern am Albis (1995)

(Please click on any painting to see the full image)

2021 Copyright Christophe Terraz. Christophe Terraz reserves the copyright to all the images of paintings published on this page. Any unsolicitaed use of full or part of text or images are strictly prohibited 

If you wish to buy his art works or know more about him kindly click the following buttons to visit his official website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube or write him an email. 

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